Concealing in bushes for a former RPA member is cowardice act- Exiled Marara

It is a cowardice act for every former Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) to spend the retirement period concealing in bushes, Noble Marara, a renowned exiled Rwandan and former bodyguard of President Paul Kagame has said.

Marara was talking as a guest during a talk show at The Rock Radio – where he stressed that it is very unfortunate for a highly decorated soldier to waste retirement period in bushes fighting for battles that one will never win.

“When I was 20 I was worried that I would turn 34 or 35 years old without achieving anything but now I am 45,” He said but revealing, “And even Kagame (President) was only 36 when He started to rule as the vice president; this means that we have failed,”

Noble Marara, 45, exiled Rwanda and former bodyguard of President Paul Kagame/ THE TIMES

He went on to say that for one to grapple with making a  living while on retirement is ‘total cowardice act.’

“Realizing that one is grappling with make a living at 50 0r 60 age is very regrettable; In the Spirit of Inkotanyi (RPA) this is very unfortunate, it is greediness (….) How come that one straggle to make a living at 60 age yet you used to be Inkotanyi?”

Marara also commented on the recent death of Lt Gen Sylvestre Mudacumura, the former FDLR commander who has been shot dead by the Congolese army while in bushes of the country.

“…an elder like Mudacumura might have really enjoying his retirement,” He noted with a laugh

Marara challenged members of the opposition that they will never celebrate a victory as longer as the Rwandans are safe giving a tip-off that a remedy would be negotiations with the current Government.

“If the system is to change they (the opposition) should give negotiations a green light as you can’t be conversant with problems the citizens face while you are overseas, how dare you say that you want to repatriate and initiate a system that has been in use in late 1980s? What is that rubbish?” He inquired

Marara wrapped up his radio talk show saying that the elderly people who oppose the Government of Kigali from bushes will never celebrate the victory as they are disorganized.




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