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DRC: Some Rebels of RUD URUNANA in UPDF Military Uniforms

Some Rebels of RUD URUNANA in UPDF Military Uniforms

Some Rebels of RUD URUNANA appear on social Medias in the uniform of Uganda UPDF Military

Pic: Captain Maniraguha Theodore Rebel RUD URUNANA

This Rebel ha s a rank of Captain in the Rebels of RUD URUNANA, Maniraguha Theodore uses the names of  Theos Rutaganira on facebook and twitter , he appears in many pictures with different Girls in the region where this Rebels have Operation in Mikotokoto, in groupment of Binza, Zone  of Rutshuro  in DRC.

The information arrive at Rwandatribune.com from our different correspondents in the civil societies there in Binza, is that Captain Nshimiyimana Cassien known as Gavana (Governor) is the one who brings those uniforms to the Rebels and was given those uniforms by Uganda Investigation Bureau.

Because of FARDC hard Attack on RUD URUNANA, Gen.Jean Michel before dead was requested CMI to help his Rebels to give them exile in order to get courses by UPDF in the Military camp in Kabare, the plan was to cross the border between Congo and Uganda at Kitagoma in the uniforms of UPDF, so that the population can’t discover them.

When Gen.Afurika was killed, they suppose to go in the next morning, and then where he was shouted they were in 5km to arrive in Uganda, and till now almost 200 Uniforms of UPDF are kept by this Rebels of RUD URUNANA.

This Rebels of RUD URUNANA to wear the Uniforms of UPDF is one of the sign that there is cooperation between P5 and RUD URUNANA Rebels, because many Rebels have their properties in this Country.

Captain Maniraguha Theodore born in 1992, in Cyivuve Sectoer, Musanze District, Northern Province, he joined RUD URUNANA Rebels 2013, after giving a fake check of 500.000frw to a client and he leaves the country.

Till now he is the head of the unity of Rebel called Sarajevo in Mikotokoto, this Rebels known in the activities of Violence, killing the peoples and others. Captain Maniraguha Theodore known in the massacre happened in Kitagoma and Rugashari in Binza where 25 Civilians were killed.

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