The truth about the called Rwandans Camp which MRCD request the International organizations to intervene

In this week the opposition coalition parties to Rwanda MRCD published a press release request the international organizations to take action to the FARDC Attacks on the Rwandans refugees’ camp which is located in Kalehe southern Kivu.
This coalition says that it is not the first time FARDC and Rwandan soldiers who wear the FARDC Uniforms attach this camp and this coalition accuses the soldiers of two countries DRC and Rwanda to attack this called Rwandans camp several times.

In this press release where MRCD request the intervention of the international organizations says that this camp of Kalehe is accepted by HCR which is not true.

As HCR in Congo says, this so called Rwandans Camp in Kalehe is not true, HCR continue saying that this is the families of the Rebels of MRCD Called FLN live in Congo forest and they have the plan to attack FARDC.
In September 2006, HCR Published the book which include the rules that HCR uses to give intervention to the refugees.
This book called Des standards et des indicateures indicates all rules and human rights, international principles and the mandate of HCR.

We also find in this book the articles show that what the coalition MRCD-Ubumwe calls the camp is not the reality, but it is the so called camp which the coalition created for its interest and in order to sustain in Congo.
These articles are on page 6 of this book where it is written that HCR has the responsibility to give help in term of life to the refugees that are in the camp which is governed by the rules and principles of HCR.

Information arrive to rwandatribune.com from some Rebels of MRCD called FLN shows the different aspects that the called camp in the press release published by MRCD is not true because what MRCD call the camp lives with different rules of HCR Which govern the refugees camp.

One Rebel of FLN says that all that Rwandan populations are the families of FLN Rebels and many are women and children’s.
These Rwandans also are used by FLN in their activities of hiding them and some of them are eldest and they don’t have the strength in order to fight, example is like Gen.Wilson Irategeka who is the leader of these women and children’s he has diabetes because of eating many meat of the forest.

These populations live in the small houses and they have the responsibilities of finding the food of FLN Rebels.
Many of them are also women who do the agriculture in order to find the food of their husband of FNL and their children’s.
When the attacks to the Rebels come in DRC this FLN Rebels they go in these populations and they remove uniforms then they come like other populations so that FARDC can’t shoot them because they can’t discover them in other populations.

This secret of them to be hiding in the populations (their families) is helpful for them as one Rebel says.
The last attack of FARDC finds them in Campongo and Rutare to the forest of Kinono in southern Kivu.
This life of live finding foods and they are not in the camp of UNHCR, also these Rwandans to be living with the Rebels is the sign that they are not refugees and where they live is not in the camp of refugees.

Another article on page 6 of this book Des standards et des indicateures it says that if there is security problem, the refugees who are in the official camp must be helped by HCR, which show that this called Rwandans Camp is not existing because there is no announcement published by HCR requesting any help to this called refugees.

To this list of 7 principles of protecting the refugees on page 6 of this book  Des standards et des indicateures, HCR says that is allowed to protect and to stop the refugees to have the stability camp, if it is necessary they can move and HCR Accompany them to another camp.

The press release 017/2019/11/26 published by MRCD-Ubumwe in the night of 25-26 November 2019 says that FRDC and Rwanda Military (RDF) attack the Rwandans Camp located in Kalehe southern Kivu.
In this press release MRCD-Ubumwe request International organization to use its capacity in order to intervene direct to the Rwandans Refugees (…..) as it was requested in the press release number 016/2019/11/14 of 14 November 2019.
This press release of 14 November was requesting the international organization to help the Rwandans Refugees where MRCD-Ubumwe said that these refugees were attacked in their camp located at I Turi In northern Kivu.
MRCD to request the international organizations to intervene to the Rwandans refugees says that they are attacked in different areas (Kalehe and Ituri) means that these refugees don’t have where they live officially and they move in different areas in Cong.
This also means that UNHCR not recognize them because they are not installed anywhere as the principles of UNHCR says.
The experts in Politic says that MRDC to create the lies that FRDC and Rwanda Military (RDF) attack the Rwandans who live in the forest of Congo is the strategy of MRCD Leader Gen.Wilson Irategeka uses to hide his plan of doing what we can call terrorist activities and security disturbance against Rwandas
Till now Lt.Gen Ndagijimana Laurent known as Wilson Irategeka is the head of MRCD-UBUMWE, he born in former Nyakabanda District at Ngaru, now it is in Muhanga District, Southern Province, in Genocide of Tutsi in 1994 he was second Lieutenant in Ex FAR, and he is the head of CNRD UBWIYONGE Separated with FDLR.

Translated by Nyuzahayo Norbert

Soma Inkuru

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