Top Seven Lists of Head of rebels operate in Congo Kinshasa and their Monthly Incomes.

This  is a list of the Heads of rebels operate in Congo Kinshasa who earns more money and other assets per month.

Gen. Iyamuremye Gaston alias Byiringiro Victor President of FDLR

In the research and Investigation conducted by Rwandatribune.com after consulting different Medias like Iminembwe Iwaca, Gatoyi actualites, Binzainfo and the report of 18th December 2018, of the group of UN members in charge of Investigation and security in eastern Congo, we are going to give you the list of Seven head of rebels operate in Congo Kinshasa and their monthly incomes.

Colonel Richard Tawimbi

Number 7.Coronel Tawimbi Richard is a Congolese  as the founder  of  Mai Mai Gumino, and he is known to be his rebel is the one helped Kayumba Nyamwasa to enter in Congo Kinshasa and he pays 100 Usd, in order to help Kayumba with his rebels to work with him.

Tawimbi Richard was accused to send minerals in Burundi and cows of the populations. His income per month is 600,000 Usd.

General Yakutumba

Number 6. Gen. Yakutumba who is the head of Mai mai, Yakutumba he operates in the regions of Fizi, Minembwe, Kirembwe and Isange  in southern Kivu, where he earns 120,000 Usd every month of the taxes of the population, 300,000Usd in the trees he sells. His incomes per month is 780,000 USD.

General Kakule Silikuli La Fontaine

Number 5. Gen. Kakule Silikuli La Fontainehis rebel is called Mai mai La fontaine, he operates in the regions of Lusamambo, Rubelo and he earns 2500,000 Usd in the populations and, 300,000 Usd in Taxes.

His assets are in South Africa in Cape Town and his incomes are almost 1,000,000 Usd Per month.

Gen.Bgd Jean Michel Afurika

Number 4. Gen.Musabyimana Juvenal known as Gen. Afurika Jean Michel, is a Rwandan born in Nyabihu District, Western Province of Rwanda. He is head of RUD URUNANA and he operates in the regions of Binza and Kirama in northern where he have almost 600 Ha, he charged the population. He has also 200 machines for cultivation and 12 Tractors for transportation in Goma and Butembo, His income per month is 1,200,000 Usd.

Col.Shimirayi Mwisha Guidon

Number 3. Col.Shimirayi Mwisha Guidon of Mai mai NDC –NDUMA, he operates in a big region of southern Kivu and Northern where he has many sites of Minerals. His income is 4,000,000Usd per month and his assets are to the Bank in South Afrika.

Gen.Habimana Hamada

Number 2. Gen.Habimana Hamada as head of CNRD called FLN which have the operation in Kirembwe in Southern Kivu. He has the Incomes of 8,000,000 Usd.

Gen.Byiringiro Victor
President of FDLR

Number 1. Lt Gen Iyamuremye Gaston known Byiringiro Victor he is the Peresident of Perezida FDLR, through the label known as CRAPGen.

Byiringiro has many houses in Brazzaville City, and His Incomes is almost 11,000,000 Usd where his assets are managed by his wife and his son in Congo Brazzaville.

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