Tourism: If the mountain gorillas tracking towards country to others it’s not a scandal

If the mountain gorillas tracking towards country to others it's not a scandal

The Rwandan government in the center of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) who have duties of tourism say that the gorillas of Rwanda do a little tour to Uganda but it is not a scandal park that is the habitude.

Madame Clare Akamanzi General Director of RDB

The publication of this information was published by Ugandan journalists such as Chimpreport.com, Soft power.com and 1commandport.com these news papers have considered this trace as he effect of the political crisis that nothing a few days between Rwanda and Uganda .

In making a research to know the life of the gorillas who live in the forests of volcanoes, our journalist Rwandatrune.com consulted the old sage Nkinzehwiki Francois an expert on the life of the gorillas who was in front of the coordinal of the Virunga Wildlife Rwanda Foundation was registered in Gorilla Organization which does not operate today.

This old man Nkinzehwiki Francois states that gorillas of volcanoes have collared Gorilla Gorilla Delingue.

This race of gorillas are only in the whole world especially in the triangle that is titled (Triangle Transboard,) which means Rwanda, Uganda and Congo that is to say that apart from this zone the life of this race of the gorillas does not exist it’s because some of the kidnappers have died because of the ecological crisis this cause allows no place other than you can find it, especially in this rod.

The old Nkinzihwiki Francois explained to your journalist the origin of the name Gorilla Gorilla Delingue (Mountain Gorillas) is named by the German soldier named Captain Von Delingue who came as early as in Rwanda when he arrived in the volca of sabyinyo he was On October 17, 1902 saw the gorillas is confused with each other that he had seen in the valleys or plains of Cameroon and Bukavu in the forest of Gahuzi-Byega but he saw the difference among other things.

Mr. Nkizehwiki Francois tells us that after seeing this race the captain of Delingue had killed two gorillas after he had collected the samples in his country of Germany.

He had been doing research in Dr. Paul Machi’s laboratory that Dr. Paul Machi said that no single breed that seems to be from that of volcans gorillas all over the world, that’s why this breed calls Gorilla Gorilla Delingue to his scientific name .

The Old Man has told us that this fastidious species, their trace of famine, are looking for their food like the rule of bamboos, they know nothing of the frontiers because we people know the borders which were to be destroyed by the Berlin conference. in Germany around 1884.

The other cause who can exile the gorilla is the fighting between the two males because of the women well one makes the decision to exile for his best and founds his new family.

The 3 things it is the insecurity but this is not manifest more time and carrying it cannot allow that to leave in this triangle that one quoted so above.

Here Mr Nkinzehwiki continued telling us at Rwandatribune.com that in the years of 1967 during the Murere war in Congo he had sent back an American lady named Diane Fossey who was called Nyiramacibiri she had passed in Gisoro in Uganda and then she left this place arriving in Rwanda precisely in the hotel Muhabura la where she is preparing a project to join this area the place where the volcanic gorillas are found.

In this moment the car she was on her journey she arrived between Kalisimbi and Bisoke, where she is creates the center of Kalisoke that we have today in function to this cross-border triangle that we spoke to before unfortunately it is not luck because on October 24, 1985 it was killed by the evildoers that his grave is close to the tomb of the gorilla called Digit sa nothing to finish this October 31, 1985 because it is his promise that she made before her death. after autopsy exams that was done in USA.

In the conversation with the boss of the RDB Clara Akamanzi with the KT Press that we consulted she said that the exile of the families of gorillas doing every time when this food that we say is diminished even if in two years past this crisis was still more Clara Akamanzi said that normally Rwanda is a country that has enough gorillas that all the neighboring countries so we have to share income with all the neighboring countries at the time because the situation like this one is realized she said that this program is known by name the Greater Virunga Trans boundary Collaboration was created in 2015 which Unite the countries of Uganda, Congo and le Rwanda although this program concerns Gorillas can pass to other friendly animals as for example Lions monkeys, Elephants, Leopards, Hippos.

The park of the volcanoes is one in the National Parks of Rwanda that produces a lot of money which announced by RDB shows that the revenues of 2018, sold 15132 permission papers to visit gorillas that have values of 19.2 million dollars American i.e. increase of 25% comparing years of 2017. It’s means that the information published by the newspapers so on having no sense there is no truth because private life this species of animals allowed to live crossing borders when they would like it is for  that the three countries were realized the agreement of this triangle are Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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